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Thanks to byronic, my letter to Tumblr today…

Hi, I have a comment on the new #Sports tagged feature.

Where are the articles about women’s sports? Of the first 100 articles I looked at under that tag today, there was one picture of a three year old girl in a baseball outfit from some old Life magazine shoot and one article about women playing baseball in 1948.

Ironically to me, a little further down, I DID find a video reblog about Title IX, which is ironic to me, because the #Sports tagged items would fail miserably in any kind of Title IX test.

Where are the articles about the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament? Where are articles about Lindsey Vonn coming back from her injuries or the first girl in Vermont to win a state wrestling championship or about the other weekend when two female starting pitchers faced each other in a high school baseball game for the first time ever or an article about the US Women’s Soccer Team winning the Algarve Cup against Iceland from the other weekend?

Are any of the 11 editors for the #Sports tag women? If not, why not?

I run, a blog dedicated to strong women in sports and comic books, and I’ve managed to find something to post about women’s sports every single day I’ve posted since I started my tumblr last August.

But I’m not trying to just boost my tumblr, there are plenty of tumblrs with articles devoted to women’s sports, three on women’s soccer alone: fuckyeahwomensfootball, thefootyqueen, feverpitchitsapun, and an inspirational sports tumblr that often focuses on women’s sports in athleteinspiration.

With tennis season underway and the NCAA tournament and the LPGA starting their season and the WNBA draft right around the corner, I don’t think there’s any reason there shouldn’t be at least SOME attention to women’s sports under the #Sports tagged items.

Thanks for your consideration,

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